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Let's work together! 

Contact me if you are interested in working with me, if you have an idea for a collaboration project or if you would like to discuss a commission however large or small. I look forward to hearing from you and will get back in touch as soon as possible.

you can get in contact with me via this form or via my email:

Thanks! Message sent.

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"It was a great pleasure working with Amelina on my book and her professional approach to the project stood out immediately. She really took time to immerse herself in the story and understand the vision for the characters and setting, and this attention to detail was reflected in the amazing finished product. She aligned her style perfectly for what I was looking for in the illustrations, and it really made the story come to life just as I pictured it in my mind. I would certainly partner with her again on future projects and encourage others to give her an opportunity to bring their vision to life as well."


Trey Little - Author of I can't Wait Till You Know

"I could not have found a more perfect illustrator for myself and my first children's book than Amelina Jones, she was quick and very detail-oriented. She took the photos I provided and all of my very specific directions, which could have been overwhelming to most, and turned it into the vision I was looking for. She was always very close with the first draft and very agreeable to the tweaks I requested."


Lori - Author 

"Amelina's a joy to work with. professional, on time and her sensitive approach to the brief, gave us just what we wanted."


Sarah Troman - GMP 

"Amelina does fantastic work. Her whimsical yet realistic art captured the mood of my children’s book perfectly. I especially love her ability to show emotions through tiny shifts in facial expression and body language. She put her heart into every drawing, she listened carefully to my feedback, and the finished product far exceeded my expectations."


- Author 

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"Amelina Jones was an absolute pleasure to work with. It’s like she saw my vision through my words and executed it perfectly. We worked so well together that we were consistently ahead of our timeline. I hope to work with Amelina again in the future on subsequent projects."


Sandy Reitman - Author 

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