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I'm AJ! The illustrator behind Amelina Jones Illustrations, I have been working in the professional world of illustrations for four years and had the honour to work with publishers and on projects around the world. 


I work on detailed, colourful paintings to enhance and tell a story, with an intent to capture lots of emotions, ages, nationalities and nature in my illustrations. Watercolour and ink is my preferred medium as I love the freedom it gives me as well as the natural textures and energy it exudes from the paper. 

I love storytelling and I believe that stories, particularly the ones we share with our children are one of the oldest forms of teaching in our history as humans. We have created stories since we began, sharing our values and beliefs through the adventures of our heroes and their journeys. You will find stories from every walk of life and I believe they are one of the most important parts of passing on our thoughts, our imagination and magic to the next generation. This is why telling stories through illustrations and words is so important to me because it can inspire, delight and set the imagination alight in those who see them. 

I hope you enjoy looking around my website and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

​Here is a link to my Instagram where I post about my latest projects, illustrations and more! @amelinajonesart 

(Amelina Jones is my pen name)

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