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One Human Community

One Human Community by Amelina Jones


Published by Dixi Books

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The world might feel strange, busy, and lonely. Growing up is getting harder, and overlooking what makes us human is getting easier. This story of ‘us’ reminds us that, despite we appear different from one other, we are one and the same at heart and part of one big community. We all eat, love, talk and sometimes get sad. But it all will be okay as long as we interact.

With soothing words and fascinating illustrations of Amelina Jones, One Human Community introduces children to the very condition of being human, with all of its faces. It aims to open our children’s and our eyes to the world around us. It invites us to become more aware of our relationship with each other as a community, with ourselves, and with our planet. It has a simple but essential message, and it manages to touch readers of all ages

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