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Illustrating The YOU: Through Mindful Art

This class is for someone who is looking to find a new way to express their emotions in a creative way. All you need is a peaceful moment, an open mind and hands ready to create. You will be working on four illustrations that will look into you and get some tips to set up a special little book for yourself.

If you are interested in this skillshare class you can find it via this link:

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How To Draw Expressions 

If you are interested in how I draw expressions and bring life into my characters you can check out my Skillshare class here.

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Illustrating a Story: Techiques For Turning Words into Pictures

For writer's block in 1895, I created three illustrations. If you are interested in seeing my process of how I illustrate a story, I have created a skill share class where I talk about my process on illustratioing a story and how I created these three illustrations. You can find me on skill share at Amelina Jones or follow the link skill share 

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